Friday, October 08, 2010

Dear Rude Dude in the Food Lion parking lot

Dear Asshole,

Yes I noticed the dirty look you gave me when I pulled into the handicapped spot and pulled out my placard and hung it on my rearview mirror.

I also heard you muttering about how some people thought they could get away with anything.

I know you heard me when I asked you if you had a problem, because you said "Yeah, my problem is lazy ass people like you who take spaces that the handicapped people need"

Which is why I replied " I'm really happy that you think I look good enough to not need that space but let me give you a little medical history. I have Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain syndrome and complications from having thyroid cancer. All of those combined on some days mean that I'm lucky to be able to walk from one end of my home to the other, let alone across a parking lot to get groceries. And since I've had the stomach flu for a week I'm feeling even worse than usual. I don't always use the handicap spot, but when I need to use it I do. Which is why my neurologist signed the order for one.

You need to remember that not all handicaps are visible and I'm sorry that your doctor doesn't thing stupidity is a reason to give you a handicap placard. And have a nice day!"

Rude dude decided maybe he didn't need groceries after all and the little old lady sitting at the bus stop stood up and clapped for me as I went in the door.