Thursday, July 04, 2013

You and Tequila

Had a super fun weekend!!  Friday night was the much anticipated JunkPuncher reunion show at the Moose Lodge.  As expected the place was packed!! We had the newest kids in town Shotgun Fox there to open for them. Amazing talent in these kids!

And then the men took the stage and rocked our asses off once again!!

The return of the barefoot bassist!

And my brother from another mother finally got up and rocked the house with "Cumbersome"!

I didn't take these pictures, I borrowed them from friends.  I was too busy dancing, drinking(a lot of tequila dranks), talking, laughing,  hanging with people I adore and just having a blast.  I hope these guys do this again sooner than later. I might even rank this as my #1 night ever at the Moose.

Saturday night was Girl Interrupted at Friendz at Lake Bowen. They always have a great crowd there but this time it was an amazing crowd.  I think we drug a lot of people out of Rutherford County who normally wouldn't leave and we were glad to see them!   Chris, Bart, Lee, Young and Joel rocked as usual and made my soul sing. I'm proud to call them family and not just friends, I love them all with every part of my being.

Now all I need is a WhiteKnuckle Joyride fix and I'll be set!

I firmly believe that music and my musician friends are why I'm still alive and doing as well as I am health wise. So if you are feeling sad or feeling sick, get out of the house, head to a local bar, club or restaurant with a live band or acoustic set and get some of my kind of medicine, I promise it will soothe your soul.