Sunday, June 03, 2012

Yeah yeah, I know.....

So, after convincing my surgeon that I really needed my birthday weekend before they cut me open like a watermelon, my surgery was scheduled for May 9th. As you can see I'm still alive, either that or Cynthia Wilson has hijacked this blog. It's easy to tell us apart though, she smells like Clorox and I don't.

We hit the hospital at 5:00 only to be told that my 7:30 surgery had been pushed back to 9:30..... WHY IN HADES DID NO ONE CALL ME I COULD HAVE GOTTEN 2 MORE HOURS OF SLEEP!!!! Eventually they sent me and my mom upstairs to get me ready. They actually got my first i.v. in pretty easy, which with me is AMAZING, usually they have to try numerous times. So we headed to the o.r. and at some point between them starting my first i.v. and putting in the second i.v. I asked my surgeon to take a picture of my tumor!  Now anyone who knows me can tell you I do not like gross stuff, at all, but apparently my subconscious thought it would be a great photo op. So yes, I have a picture of my tumah.

The surgery went amazingly well, they did a total hysterectomy, removed my appendix and of course removed the tumor. Did I mention that that sucker weighed 12 pounds and 8 ounces! They had to cut from above my bellybutton all the way down into the nether regions in order to get it out in one piece. Staples, staples and more staples.

Final verdict was a low-malignancy muscinous tumor. While there were some bad cells I won't need chemo or radiation and there is only a miniscule chance of recurrence so YAY!

After a 3 day hospital stay I finally got to come home to my own bed where I could get some sleep.  Well, except when my mom woke me up EVERY SINGLE MORNING wanting to know what I wanted for breakfast when she knows I never eat before noon. Except for the chocolate pudding I eat when I take my morning meds.The first week was not fun, I couldn't eat for the nausea and it took a while to find something that was going to work. At my two week check-up I was down 27 pounds. I did finally get my appetite back and started feeling a bit stronger.

After my 2 week check-up I finally got to be able to drive again, thank the freaking lord cause I was going stir crazy sitting here all day with no one to talk to, not even my cat who went to stay with her grandparents because I didn't need her making biscuits on my stapled belly. Still not allowed to pick up anything over ten pounds at least until June 25th which is my next appointment with the surgeons.

I'm 3 and 1/2 weeks out from surgery and and really doing well for the most part. My incision is healing really well and while I'm still sore, okay, very sore at times, it gets better every day. I never knew sneezing could hurt, it can.