Friday, August 02, 2013

And hypodense lesions on the spleen do what...


Last week had an MRI done to check my MS progress.  While that is stable at the moment they found something new for them to alarm me with.. they were seeing lesions on my spleen, that meant a CT scan was in order.  Two days later got that done... for future reference and in case you ever have to drink the barium for this type test.... make sure to add a bunch of chocolate syrup to it and just pretend it's a semi-solid milkshake. It's the only way to get it down without throwing it back up.  Oh and make sure that about 4 hours after you are near a bathroom because you're gonna need it. TMI I know, but it's a public service announcement.

The ct showed the aforementioned hypodense lesions on my spleen.  If you Google these things it tells you everything and nothing.  Lots of times they are benign but lots of times they aren't.... let's go over my track record, one malignant cancer, one minimal to no malignancy, odds are for a malignancy though hopefully it is contained to the spleen and can be removed.  Yet another possible scar, if their are men out there with a scar fetish... I'm your girl ;)

Will be seeing the Gastro Doctor tomorrow afternoon to see what happens next. 

If I have internet I'll try to update what is going on but with all the doctor bills piled up on top of the regular bills I'm pretty sure I might get off the first of the week since I don't see them waiting until the 14th when I can pay... oh well I've got plenty of books and dvd's. Of course I'll have to wait to put up any more Ebay stuff since I kind of have to have internet for that... yet another catch 22.

Girl Interrupted is playing at Friendz in Boiling Springs SC on Saturday night, luckily being the whammy bar specialist means I get a ride down and don't have to pay to get in... plus the music therapy is free.

Ohhhhhh... I am officially divorced after 7 years!! here's a picture of my celebratory lap dance preformed by the funnest girl I know...