Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been one of those lifes......

Yeah, yeah I know...... its been a while. So let's hit the high points. I'm still having problems with the anemia but not to the point I need another transfusion. I'm hoping that never happens again, it was not an enjoyable thing to go through.  My M.S. isn't bothering me too much right now, mainly because I am trying to keep things nice and calm in my life. Drama=stress=gigantic tumahs!

What else is happening in the land of Small Town Friendly? My mom has spent the past 6 months or so living with my brother in TN keeping an eye on the two best nieces anyone could ever hope to have. Speaking of which If anyone can help out my niece Paige with her 2nd grade project I would greatly appreciate it. This is what is needed from you: And a pic of Paige so you'll feel guilty if you don't help  

The 2nd grade classes are studying the United States of America. We need information about different states. If you'd like to participate all you need to do is send us a postcard telling us about where you live (city/state/etc.) We would like to see how many postcards we can receive from different states (postcards from other country's would be nice as well). Also if you visit different area's during the school year that may be of interest to our students you can send one from there as well. Please mail the postcard directly to the school and have it addressed to the child you are sending it to in care of their teacher.  Please print instead of using cursive so the student can read the post card to the classroom. Please ask as many people as you'd like to participate in this exciting learning activity.  Thank You Mount Carmel Elementary Second Grade Teachers
Here is how to address your post card so that it gets to the right student and teacher:
Paige Condrey
c/o Mrs. Arnold
127 Cherry Street
Mt. Carmel, TN 37645
Closer to home, my daughter has moved to Massachusetts so her husband could spend some time with his family. I miss her terribly and want her back so bad it hurts. But she's a big girl and so am I so I'll get over it.
I don't think people realize how good of an actress I can be when it comes to my health.  I've had doctors tell me they don't know how I get through the day sometimes when they can see in my eyes and the way I move how bad I feel and how much I must be hurting. I've lived with pain for so long that it seems normal to me and it makes those good days, really really good!

For me the financial aspects of all my health issues are what weighs the most on my mind. Even with insurance, that I have to pay for, I've still got several thousand dollars worth of bills from the surgery, transfusions and multiple doctor visits. My car is on its last legs, or at least thats what I think of when I hear the screeching/screaming noise and see the smoke coming from under the hood. If I had anything worth selling, it would be gone !
I need an artistic person to draw me a picture. I want a cat with wings of fire sitting in a patch of Kudzu vines. Why would I want a picture of that? My mother told me that she wanted us to get a tattoo as one of her bucket list items. I'm down with that but wanted something that means something to me. With all my health issues it just hit me: cats have 9 lives(I think I've used 3 of mine) , the wings of fire come from the Phoenix which always rises from the ashes and so far I keep coming back for more(plus my Grandsons name is Phoenix) and the Kudzu as any Southerner can tell you is almost impossible to kill. I'll need a snowflake and a musical note in there somewhere too to represent my Granddaughters Wynter and Aria. But this will probably won't be happening any time soon, monetary priorites ya know.
This is gonna be a long month. Enough whining, hopefully my next blog will be a little more entertaining.
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