Monday, June 03, 2013

Life is good...for once

I'm going to say it again.. for what seems like the thousandth time, I'm going to try and start blogging way more than I have. I promise!

To get the health stuff out of the way, last week I went and saw my OB/GYN Oncologist for my 1 year follow up. The exam and ultrasound looked good and had some blood work to keep an eye on some of my CA levels but so far no results.. no news is good news!

On to life in general... I've got a lot to be happy about.. family, amazing friends, people I love and people who love me. I am lucky enough to have friends who are musicians, damn good ones at that, I truly believe that music can heal anything if you open yourself up to it and let it in body, mind and soul.  I know it has gotten me through a lot and without it I'd be lost in a sea of hopelessness.

My Girl Interrupted girls Chris and Lee

One of the boys who Interrupted, Joel

Another boy Interrupting, but Bart is married to Chris so I guess it's okay

And of course Young, yet another boy!

 This is the youngest talent On the local scene Trina, she rocks! And me and Chris.. don't ask

These are just some of the people who make me smile, laugh, heal and love.
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